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KIMS-ROK Naval Academy Security Lecture Support

– On June 5, 2023, KIMS sponsored a special security lecture at ROK Naval Academy, and invited professor Gordon Flake, Founding Chief Executive Officer of Perth USAsia Centre at The University of Western Australia. He gave Admiral Hwang Sun-Woo, principal of the academy, and about 200 audience a lecture titled “Maritime Security and Strategic Interests in the Indo-Pacific: Perspectives from Australia’s Indian Ocean Capital”.

– At this lecture, professor Flake pointed out that South Korea should no longer be regarded as “a shrimp between two whales (US and China)”, and many countries are expecting Korea’s action that is suitable to its national prestige as a democracy.

– He also criticized that Xi Jinping’s policy is becoming troubling causes of internal instability and weakening, rather than promoting positive development and growth.

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