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Special Lecture: Korea’s Rear Support Strategy in US-China Rivalry

– Date: July 21 2022 (14:30-16:00)
– Venue: KIMS Conference Room
– Topic: Korea’s Rear Support Strategy in US-China Rivalry
– Presenter: Sungmin Cho (Professor, APCSS)
– Discussants: Sheen Seong-Ho (Professor, Seoul Nat’l Univ.), Koo Bon-hak (Professor, Hanlim Univ.), Lee Seo-Hang (Vice President, KCFR)
– Participants: Chung Sam-man (Director, KIMS), Kim Ye Seul (Research Fellow), Kang Seung-Mo (Research Fellow), Kang Jungmin (Naval HQ)
– Text: On July 21, KIMS hosted a special lecture inviting Dr. Sungmin Cho from APCSS and other distinguished experts to hear their views on how Korea should respond to rising tensions between the US and China. Dr. Cho emphasized the importance of soft-balancing strategy, and other discussants who took part in the talk also shared their insights discussing about former administrations’ policy, US military and diplomatic strategies, prospects of Chinese economy, and more.

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