Domestic Conferences

4th KIMS-Naval HQ Policy Meeting

– Date: June 7, 2022 (14:00-16:30)
– Venue: KIMS Conference Room
– Agenda: Building Naval Maritime Power
– Participants: Lee Seo-Hang (Vice President, KCFR), Kim Tae-Woo (Former President, KINU), Bang Jong-Gwan (Admiral, Navy), Yu Ji-Hoon (Research Fellow, KIDA), Jeong Young-Soon (Captain, Navy), Lee Jang-Ho (Captain, Navy), Chung Sam-man (Director, KIMS), Park Ju-Hyun (Director of Foreign Exchange & Cooperation, KIMS)
– Text: On June 7, KIMS hosted a 4th Policy Meeting with Naval HQ as well as relevant experts. Participants shared their thoughts and insights for ways to develop navy’s soft and hard powers in terms of future maritime strategy.

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