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KIMS-Naval Future Innovation Research Group Joint Seminar

– Topic: Russia-Ukraine War and Its Implications to Korea
– Date: April 14, 2022 (13:30-15:30)
– Venue: NFIRG Conference Room
– Participants: Park Dong-Seon (Director, NFIRG), Kim Kang-Nyeong (Director, Institute of Global Harmony), Park Jong-Gwan (Professor, KPNU), Park Ju-Hyun (Director of Foreign Exchange & Cooperation, KIMS), Sang Hoon Kim (Associate Researcher)

On April 14, KIMS hosted a Joint Seminar with Korea Naval Future Innovation Research Group under the topic of “Russia-Ukraine War and Its Implications to Korea”. The event was held at NFIRG conference room for two hours, and invited Kim Kang-Nyeong, director of Institute of Global Harmony, Park Jong-Gwan, professor at Kyungpook National University, for presentations.

First, Director Kim Kang-Nyeong addressed the history of Russia-Ukraine relations, and emphasized the causes, development and significance of current warfare. He diagnosed that 1) geopolitical value of Ukraine and 2) Putin’s militaristic optimism as major drives of the war, and claimed that it could lead to the end of G2 and the beginning of G3 era.

As for the implication to Korea, Kim pointed out that it will teach valuable lesson to China in terms of challenging the superpower position following Russia’s path. He argued that the war shows the potential opportunity cost that Korea will go through, if it fails in foreign policy as a middle power. He also stressed that the internal conflict brings foreign invasion, hence the importance of national defense capability, and last but not least, the shrewd policy responding the deepening global strategy competition.

Professor Park Jong-Gwan claimed that strong security must be followed by stable economy. It is his view that as Northern policy holds one of the bedrocks of South Korea’s economy, cooperation in economy and technology should be sustained. Especially, he emphasized that we must overcome the Russophobia constructed by the Western society, and observe the background and development of the war with balanced viewpoint.

The seminar provided the opportunity to understand the situation in Ukraine and discuss about the implications to Korean national security. The perspectives of two experts enabled participants to observe the ongoing conflict with different viewpoints objectively. Although the approaches and analyses differed, the two speakers agreed that self-strength is crucial for realistic national security. KIMS will continue its cooperation with NFIRG to develop academic research into actual national security policy in tactical, operational, strategic, and grand-strategic levels.

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