Domestic Conferences

KIMS-Netherlands Embassy Meeting for Mutual Cooperation

– Date: February 7, 2022 (11:00-12:00)
– Venue: KIMS Conference Room
– Participants:
* Netherlands Embassy: Mr. Tom Coppen (First Secretary)
* KIMS: Chung Sam-man (Director), Kang Seung-Mo (Research Fellow), Sang Hoon Kim (Associate Researcher)
Tom Coppen, First Secretary of Netherlands Embassy, Seoul, visited KIMS. As European nations are increasing their interests in Indo-Pacific region, Netherlands also published Indo-Pacific guidebook. It indicates that the Netherlands is paying extensive interest in the Indo-Pacific affairs, and looking for ways to improve cooperation with South Korea, one of the key players of the region. The two parties briefly introduced their own institutions and shared necessity for further cooperation. Starting with the Netherlands Embassy, the KIMS expects to expand its networks with other European nations including UK, France, Germany and more, construct active communication line for maritime security between South Korea and Europe, and contribute to prosperity of the region.

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