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Awards Ceremony for the 10th Maritime Academic Dissertations Contest

  • Jointly with ROK Navy and under the auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS) has conducted Maritime Academic Dissertations Contest since 2007 in order to encourage young Koreans to study and research maritime affairs and foster superior next-generation maritime researchers.
  • Numerous young people including military officers, graduate students and undergraduates applied for the 10th Maritime Academic Dissertations Contest. The applicants submitted dissertations on various areas including the history of naval battles, maritime security, marine territory, maritime arms control, maritime law, maritime strategy and naval forces. In order to guarantee objective evaluation of the submitted dissertations, KIMS invited three experts majoring in different subjects in private sectors for evaluation of the dissertations.


  • Awards were presented to 1 grand prize winner, 2 runner-up prize winners and 6 participation prize winners each of whom received a certificate of merit, a cash prize and a souvenir watch of the Navy Chief of Staff of Korea. The cash prize was KRW 3 million for the grand prize, KRW 1.5 million for the runner-up prize and KRW 1 million for the participation prize respectively.

※ Those who need the dissertations can receive them via e-mail by making individual requests.

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